Area of Expertise

Turning ChallengesInto Achievements

Being able to establish an effective leadership team is critical for the success of any ministry. Changes Can Happen, LLC is a coaching firm designed to help you reach your ministry and leadership goals. This firm focuses on strengthening both members of the Pastors leadership team and the lay leadership of the church. Through the use of various assessments and other tools, we are able to help the group function effectively as a team and become supportive of the vision being put forth by the church and the Pastor. If you need assistance achieving your ministry and leadership goals, Changes Can Happen is here for you.


Pastoral Coaching

Pastors are leaders and visionaries with the task of making things happen. This is not always easy and the plan is not always clear. Often we know where we want to go but are unclear about how to get there. Pastoral coaching is intended to assist the pastor in creating and maintaining a plan to accomplish the set both personal and professional goals. It is a resource to pastors to increase their productivity, their sense of accomplishment, and to decrease their levels of stress.

Team Building Seminars

A leader is only as good as his or her team. It is necessary for every team member to realize their role in the success of ministry. One person can not do all the work. A team has to work together to accomplish the goals. In this 120 minute workshop, the team will learn how to function as a cohesive unit, how to appreciate everyone's role, and how to always engage and inform all stakeholders involved in a project. For this workshop, the entire team should be present and ready to learn.

Telecoaching Group Sessions

Some problems are not unique to one church or one Pastor but can be seen in a variety of churches at one time. These sessions are held weekly on the telephone and plans are analyzed, goals are set, and information that may be helpful is shared so as to help each person reach their goal. It is highly interactive and allows for each person to be supported through follow up emails and phone calls in their effort to make concrete change.

Ministry Alignment

It is very difficult to keep any ministry on track. Often we find the ministry going in two or three competing directions and it is very difficult to bring it back into alignment. Our aim is to help the Pastor align the ministry's vision and values with its plans and programs. We spend time helping each Pastor and team develop their core values, discover the uniqueness of their particular ministry, and then bring the programmatic thrust of the church in line with that vision.

Strategic Planning

In conjunction with ministry alignment, we seek to also empower Pastors to develop a ministry plan that is over time. We work with the long term goals of the Pastor and help him or her identify the steps necessary to get there and resources necessary to make it happen. It allows the Pastor or leader to dream big dreams both personally and professionally and to have support in thinking through each step.

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