About Changes Can Happen

Being able to establish an effective leadership team is critical for the success of any ministry. Changes Can Happen, LLC is a coaching firm designed to help you reach your ministry and leadership goals. This firm focuses on strengthening both members of the Pastors leadership team and the lay leadership of the church. Through the use of various assessments and other tools, we are able to help the group function effectively as a team and become supportive of the vision being put forth by the church and the Pastor. If you need assistance achieving your ministry and leadership goals, Changes Can Happen is here for you.

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There is a right way, and a wrong way. Let’s find the best way to utilize your team to reach the objectives.


You were given an idea, now we need to shape it into something tangible to communicate it to your team.


Set milestones for your team and reach them. Concentrate your efforts in the right places and motivate.


Take what you’ve accomplished and duplicate it. But this time, let’s do it even better than last.

Turning Challenges into Achievements